Toy School Bus

5A yellow Toy School Bus has been with us for almost 50 years. That’s roughly how long we have seen a large numbers of real school busses traveling our highways. Naturally, kids like playing with toy school busses. They like the bright, happy color of the bus. They also enjoy putting little human figures in the bus, taking them off. Having pretend play friends ride the school bus is always fun. This liking of the toy school bus is also reinforced by kids’ stories. Many children’s books and movies have a school bus as part of the story. There are plenty of stories about school, and most of them feature travel on a school bus. Thus kids, especially smaller kids, associate fun and adventure with the toy school bus. Fortunately, almost every major toy manufacturer produces a toy school bus. I particularly like the Schylling Large School Bus Die Cast Toy. It’s almost 9” long, and has pull back motor. It also includes a working stop sign and swinging doors. But that’s just me. Whatever school bus you pick, your child will surely have plenty of fun.


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